Monday, July 26, 2010

Something very serious is coming our way!

That’s why I am running for US Senate, to stop it! With $13 Trillion in debt we are headed into a wall. We will hit this wall hard. We desperately need to restructure the way Congress works. Party politics only creates delays and distractions from the most important financial challenge facing our nation. A list of campaign promises will not fix anything. I have The Plan to meet this challenge.

They say its all about the money, then, let’s make it about the money. In The Plan, Congress and all Federal Employees will face personal financial consequences for their failure to reach benchmarks towards a balanced budget. It also will reward those who provide accepted cost saving proposals. If you and I fail at our jobs, do we face consequences? Sure we do. Why should Congress be any different?

But can an Independent Candidate who has NO obligation to either party, who will NOT accept the Party’s Wall-Street money, who has asked for NO contributions from his supporters and who promises to be the biggest pain in the neck Congress has ever seen, get enough Nominations from New Hampshire Voters, in the next few days, to even get his name on the Ballot? That, my friend, will be up to you.

(Ind’s need 3000 nominations to get on the ballot. Dem’s and Rep’s need 0.)

Please visit:
Thank you for your consideration

Tom Peters for US Senate
Average American not your Average Candidate
P.O. Box 674
Ashland, NH 03217 603-968-7800

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