Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 Facts facing every American Family.

1 Our national debt is growing at an alarming rate.

Even after Congress was warned, by their own experts, that their spending addiction is unsustainable, they continue to pile up an astronomical debt. It just passed the $13 Trillion Dollar mark for the first time in the history of our Great Nation.

2 Congress will not take the necessary steps to fix this incredible problem.

First off, they will not take responsibility for it. It’s not their fault, right?
Secondly, new and old candidates alike are so worried about getting elected and re-elected they will make feel good promises like “I’ll create jobs, I’ll reduce taxes, I’ll balance the budget” with absolutely no plan to actually do it.

3 If we want this problem solved we must do it ourselves.

That’s right, you and me. You may think I’m kidding or perhaps naive but I am dead serious. If you take a few minutes and read you can decide for yourself if you want to be part of a National Movement to compel Congress to follow the will of the people. The Plan will help us populate congress with ONLY those who will commit to a balanced budget. A huge start in achieving fiscal responsibility.

If we allow Congress to continue they will spend us into a situation that will have devastating consequences. Let’s fix things while we can still get our hands around the problem. Let’s not wait to see how bad things can really get.
I sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Peters
Average American for United States Senate

P.O. Box 674
Ashland, NH 03217

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