Monday, September 20, 2010

Satellite Internet for All: Courtesy of the United States Congress

Was it not bad enough that Congress took yours and my tax dollars and used it to help some guy from Texas or Maine or where ever, buy a new Lexus, or whatever new car he bought (cash for clunkers). Now Congress is going to take your tax dollars and mine and help people buy satellite internet. Sound crazy?

That’s right, I am in the satellite communications business and I just received a rejoice full e-mail announcing that Hughesnet, a national satellite internet provider, has been awarded $58.7 Million in Stimulus money to promote broadband satellite internet. This e-mail was sent to prepare me for the many sales and installations I will be doing through this Government backed program.

But Hughesnet is a private company that has already been providing satellite internet to those who want to pay for it. So what’s so wrong with folks actually paying for something they want? Does it really make sense for Congress to buy satellite internet for people with your money? No! It makes absolutely no sense.

I have been a Hughesnet dealer for many years and although this would mean a big influx of dollars for my small company, I simply cannot and will not participate in this program. I know my unwillingness to participate in the program will mean nothing to Hughesnet, hey, I am just a small fry, but it means something to me. I simply cannot willingly participate in the continuous fiscal dismantling of our government.

This program is yet another example of Congress attempting to play god with the free market system, trying to pick winners by throwing money at them hoping to pick up many votes along the way, all the while continuing to dig deeper and deeper from the bottom of this huge financial hole they’ve got us in.

Tom Peters
Average American
For the United States