Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mosque, no Mosque.

Should Patriotic Americans condemn a Mosque being built a few blocks away from New York City's 9-11 ground zero? Aren't those who are encouraging folks to be angry about this idea playing right into the hands of the terrorists?

After all, the terrorists absolutely love dividing freedom loving Americans. The folks wanting to build their community center (with mosque) are not the freedom hating terrorists. They are Americans. Perhaps as Freedom Loving Americans we should show the terrorists of the world that they cannot divide us. That we love our country and the freedom we have fought and sacrificed for so much, we will tolerate any religion. In fact, we welcome people of all faiths who follow the law of the land and honor the freedoms we possess.

Just maybe we will do more damage to the "terrorists cause" by embracing the idea of building the Mosque.

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